Anime Bento Monthly Box 2021

Anime Bento Monthly Box. $34.99 per month what you get: $35.00 per month for the monthly subscription, or $200.00 for the quarterly plus subscription.

anime bento monthly box
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A monthly box of epic gear for anime fans. A personalized box filled with anime dvd’s and extra surprises.

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Akibento is a monthly subscription box for anime fans. Anime bento 3 staff reviews.

Anime Bento Monthly Box

Coupon / how to buy:Created by anime convention organizers and otakus, anime bento is a great way to get your anime fix
each month.Day 13 hr 07 min 19 sec 46.Does anyone use these sites?

Each month you will receive a bento full of anime goods from your favourite titles and.Epic gear for anime fans.Every all might fans needed this box!Everything is okay now because this box is here!

Everything that came in with it was theme based off the manga/anime.Fans of anime and manga will dig anime bento, which promises new and exciting manga to read, plus anime collectibles and snacks!For some of the best monthly geek and gamer subscription boxes, visit lootaku for a variety of collections.Get 10% off either subscription level with code mysub.

Get a box filled with 5 to 7 authentic japanese candies and snacks delivered straight to.Get new monthly manga books, asian snacks and drinks delivered to your door!Here are the best monthly japanese subscription boxes that you must subscribe to this month:I am looking to get a monthly bento box full of anime goodies.

In addition to this awesome subscription box, you’ll also get automatically entered in a chance to win the big bento giveaway.In case you’re into anime, manga, or japanese games, join anime bento’s large satisfied worldwide subscriber base.In september 2017, though, the organization’s facebook page began to see floods of complaints from angry subscribers.Items worth $60 + value.

Like most other boxes on this list, every month comes with a different theme.Looking for boxes similar to anime bento?Manga spice cafe is a manga maid cafe in a box.Members can expect at least a $60 value in each delivery.

Open your bento once your bento has arrived open it up, take pictures, make a video to share online with your friends, and enjoy!Our subscription “bento” boxes are here to fit everyones needs.Over the years, anime bento has operated mostly under the radar, regularly sending out the monthly bundles of anime to fans worldwide.Subscribe from month to month or get our 3 month, 6 month, or 1 year bundles for extra monthly savings.

Thank you for your patience as we do our best to fulfill the large orders.The anime bento subscription box runs $35 each month and will surely not disappoint.The anime bento subscription boxes come packed with anime collectibles, snacks, accessories, toys, and apparel.The box highlights many anime artists, both new and retro, and the exquisite work that they do.

The cards, pins, coin bag, wristband, key ring and scarf is very well made.The fun part of anime bento is its bento theme and their monthly japanese snack.The hard cover book is fantastic and i absolutely love everything from this box.The image of the towel is nice.

The summer my hero academia box was focused on all might and deku, the current two holders of one for all.The towel is nicely feel and doesn’t have that rough texture.There are many sites to choose from.There is a number of websites that offer anime monthly subscription boxes focused around dvds, but only one that offers you a box based on your preferences, and for that reason, boxucan is our top pick for the best anime dvd box.

This is such a great box.Unlike other anime loot crate boxes, the otaku box is personalized by the subscribers, for the subscribers by a monthly anime and art vote!Until june boxes are gone!We pack the newest and best titles into each months bento (along with a japanese snack) and ship it straight to you!

We provide either a one time purchase box or a monthly subscription box for everyone looking to get their anime, manga, and japanese product fixes.When you need a nice cool drink, pour it into this sweet tumbler featuring all might and deku.Whether you are looking to provide an anime lover with a gift of one of our boxes, or you simply want some for yourself, these are.Whether you’re a fan of anime or a hardcore gamer, you’ll find the perfect box that covers your interests, delivered straight to your door.

Which one is the best?You may also get limited edition badges or items of your favorite anime characters, and you’re sure that they are all authentic, and the real deal!You’ll get to have your say in customizing the otaku box the way you want.★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ 48 reviews.